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How To Build an Equal Marriage

An equal marriage is more than a goal --- it is a basic human right, says the United Nations.

Women and men have "the same rights and responsibilities during marriage and at its dissolution," declared a UN Convention in the early 1990s when the UN celebrated the International Year of the Family.

A marriage between equals also builds stronger families, the declaration stressed: "A stable family is one which is based on principles of equity, justice and individual fulfillment for each member."

How to achieve equality in marriage?

The UN suggests that one of the main building blocks is giving the same weight to what each partner contributes - whether or not that contribution can be measured in currency. Traditionally in all countries, including the United States, domestic activities have been treated as inferior, but times have changed. "As such activities are invaluable for the survival of society, there can be no justification for applying different and discriminatory laws or customs to them."

Marriage support; here are some other basics we think will help you in building a strong marriage based on equality:

  • Put in writing that your marriage is an equal partnership and keep that agreement current.

  • Hold family assets like real estate and bank accounts jointly.

  • Know and understand each and every aspect of your financial lives.

  • Know and be able to appreciate what the other does - whether it is raising children or razing buildings.

  • Respect and honor life choices made by each other.

  • Make time to talk frankly about your finances and your feelings no matter how pressured daily life becomes.

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