From quite some time, I was pondering a lot; trying to find different, sometimes weird ideas that I could start a blog on. And frankly speaking, given my age, there was never a shortage of things that I could have picked, but the only thing that was bothering me is how closely is something related to me, so that the information I give, could sound as close to reality as possible.

Hello there! My name is Cynthia and I am from California, aged 59. This is my blog and here I am going to share ideas about “Relationships And Marriage”. Well, I’d definitely like to believe that this will sound interesting to you. A blog is all about the content it carries and so I’d try to make sure that apart from the rosy stuff that I include, every blog in here should be able to give something to you, in the easiest and best possible way.

Writing is something that comes naturally to me (I hope it doesn’t turn out to be an exaggeration as I start this blog) and penning down words is something where efforts have been only rarely required, fortunately. With that being said, coming up with the idea for this blog took its fair share of time as well as efforts, but at the end, I am really glad that I dedicated some. Picking “Relationships And Marriage” as the underlying theme here I believe, could actually turn out to be very good, as that closely related thing I talked about earlier, seems will finally be sufficed, courtesy of this particular topic.

Probably the biggest reason behind choosing “Relationships And Marriage” is the varied amount of experiences that I’ve had in my own life surrounding the two things, I believe I can write a whole book about it. But I’ll try to be honest here. The underlying reason behind starting a blog is that I am a big believer of exchanging of thoughts, which I intend to harshly and forcibly practice here. This is not only for me to talk and you to read/ listen. And if it turns out to be that way, then it could be a very unfortunate situation. But what I’d really like is that my readers to communicate with me as well – thoughts, feedbacks, additions, subtractions, experiences, criticisms, positives, whatever it is, you’ll always find me all ears.

So, there might be a big question mark on your head now – how is this lady going to bring the aspect of “relatedness” that she has been talking about incessantly?

Well, to give you a brief info about my past experiences here, long-distance relationships, intercultural marriage, divorce, planning finances after the divorce, you name it and there’s a high chance that I might have gone through it. It’s these things that have given me all the experience and the innumerable foods for thought in my life.

Contemplations and pondering are something that I have done on a fairly regular basis and I am of the opinion that these can help others in straying away from the things that I failed to do during my time.Don’t take the blog as directions that you could/ need to follow. Neither it’ll be shaped like that nor it’s going to be meant for that. Take this blog more like a “thoughts sharing platform” where we can learn from each other’s experiences (I believe I still have a lot of learning to do). And for that, I’ll try to keep this platform as open as possible and as lesser moderated as possible.

This About us page might soon turn into my personal diary if I don’t stop talking now. So dive into this pool with me because we’ve got a lot of things to uncover and relate to.

Rest of the information including the ways to reach out to me can be found on the “Contact Us” page.

Happy Reading!