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Hello there! My name is Cynthia and I am from California, aged 59. This is my blog and here I am going to share ideas about “Relationships And Marriage”. Well, I’d definitely like to believe that this will sound interesting to you. A blog is all about the content it carries and so I’d try to make sure that apart from the rosy stuff that I include, every blog in here should be able to give something to you, in the easiest and best possible way.

Writing is something that comes naturally to me (I hope it doesn’t turn out to be an exaggeration as I start this blog) and penning down words is something where efforts have been only rarely required, fortunately. With that being said, coming up with the idea for this blog took its fair share of time as well as efforts, but at the end, I am really glad that I dedicated some. Picking “Relationships And Marriage” as the underlying theme here I believe, could actually turn out to be very good, as that closely related thing I talked about earlier, seems will finally be sufficed, courtesy of this particular topic.

Things I've Been Writing About - Streaming Section

Brother Crush

Brother Crush - this is the phenomenon that I find quite funny and sexy. Imagine living under one roof with your new step family member and developing a secret taboo crush on step brother. This is what happens in this adults-only series and it's actually touching a very sensitive issue that happens in many broken families.

Family Sinners

Family Sinners - kinky family scenarios in story-drive fantasies. Watch step siblings along with their step parents in forbidden configurations. It's when their true desire and curiosity take over they do the filthiest things possible!

Model Time - Models First!

Model Time - it's a new quality in online's entertainment for adults. This time it's all about models and their artistic ways of creating an engaging episode. Watch these models direct and act their own kind of actions. Without any control and with total freedom given these ladies are gonna surprise you! :)

Rods Room

Rods Room - another quality gay entertainment place. This time it's brand new series featuring the intense captures of Michael Vegas, ex-actor, now director of this gem. Watch all the most well-known faces from the genre in intense, non-stop male encounters.

BrattyMILF Moms

Bratty MILF - moms enter the scene! Equality in marriage is never a given and when you see these frustrated MILFs you can be sure their relationships have been quite an issue. Watch this fantasy series of Nubiles where needy cougars are on the hunt for... young guys!

Dare DormDare Dorm - the finest dorm parties on tape. Watch bunch of college girls and guys do some kinky dares and end up having casual sex. Nothing beats the freedom you had during those times.

Twink Top

Twink Top - this is something for adventurous guys out there! Watch curious bottom boys becoming true alpha males in this fantasy series where swapping and switching usual patterns is something that both of partners cherish!

Brown Bunnies

Brown Bunnies - explore the world of round booties and ebony bunnies. Those two things have everything you need in terms of seeing the hottest explicit content with black babes! - it is all about double the fun and these European girls know exactly how to achieve that. Give them two partners and they will take care of the rest. Handling so much heat is their absolute normal and they are ready to prove that!

Sean Cody

Sean Cody - since 2001 we have recorded 100's of videos featuring nothing but the hottest adventures of American guys. Watch them exploring their gay side.

Ways To Prepare For Marriage

You’re preparing for your marriage. Congratulations! It’s great but you along with your partner still needs to be prepared for “The Marriage”.

Expectations Talk

The importance of communication in a marriage cannot be stressed much upon. But it holds similar weight age prior to the marriage as well. And so, before stepping in, it is very much important to be able to talk openly, about everything.

Planning The Wedding

Planning a wedding is a very stressful job and you might be of the opinion to delegate it to a planner or your friends/ relatives. Well, don’t. Take your wedding as the first project of you as a married couple and try to get your partner in it to define it.

Some Time Alone

All is set now, and in no more than a month’s time, you’ll be entering into a new phase of your life.Take this leftover time of yours and spend it alone, or if you want with your few nearest friends. This lone time will provide you with a lot of foods.

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

A healthy marriage/ relationship does not demand a lot of things, but the very basics it does demand, which people are, more often than not, not able to fulfill.


The most basic and probably the most helpful mantra for any healthy relationship today stems from the fact that the spouses talk regularly to each other and discuss every single thing. Yet, this one thing is hugely undermined.

Being Receptive

Mistakes are not specific to people. You need to be open regarding the mistakes you make and should try to rectify it and at the same time take it positively if pointed out. Ego is an enemy of any sort of relationship.

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My primary goal is to help you in outlaying the proper shape to your queries, in turn, being as much informative as possible. I hope that my articles bring out the best in not just you but your relationships as well.